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Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Trends for 2022

Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Trends for 2022

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Your bathroom is a space dedicated to your well-being. Long soaks in the tub, standing under the hot shower, and getting made up and ready for the day mean that you should have a comfortable and inviting style in your bathroom.

Upgrade your bathroom with new flooring for a warm, welcoming space that can handle the high humidity of your bathroom. Tile and stone options are the classic flooring options for wet areas like a bathroom but can often feel cold rather than relaxing. Have you ever considered wood-look flooring in your bathroom?

Natural hardwood flooring is susceptible to moisture damage. Get the look of wood with wood-look vinyl flooring. Your bathroom flooring options include a wide range of materials to give you your most beautiful bathroom ever.

Consider options like WPC vinyl flooring from Harper Floors and compare free samples to choose the most effective color and finish for your bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Flooring

Tile is a common and popular choice in wet areas like bathrooms. Tile is waterproof, offers a multitude of color and pattern options, and is relatively easy to replace if individual tiles are damaged. Manufacturers can also set different glazes on the tile for higher shine, and tile can be made from ceramic, clay, glass, or other fashionable materials.

If you choose tile for your bathroom, there are some current trends that can help you choose the right tile for your space.

Choose a Unique Tile Pattern

Rather than basic square tiles, choose a rectangular option and lay them in a herringbone or woven pattern. Or choose shell or fish scale-shaped tiles for a cabana bath or girls’ bathroom for a mermaid appearance. Hexagonal tiles have also been popular in recent years, including building contrasting patterns using multiple colors of tile.

Use a Contrasting Color Theme

Another popular trend lately is to choose colored flooring in a bright, contrasting color for bathrooms with light or medium neutral-colored walls. Tile is an excellent choice to add color to a neutral bathroom, as you can find colors and patterns in various sizes. Additionally, tile can be laid in different patterns to enhance the variety and contrast of your flooring.

Choose an Interesting Material

Tile offers a multitude of options for the material used. Ceramic is popular and widely available in an assortment of colors. Glass tiles can be clear, tinted, or back-painted, so the color shows through on installation. Natural tiles made from clays like terra cotta or cut stone like shale are another option for natural texture tile that can add more warmth than a high-gloss ceramic.

Mix and Match

If you like the tile around your tub or shower, or don’t want to extend new flooring into your step-in shower, you can always choose to replace a smaller section of flooring. Many homeowners select to renovate only the flat areas of bathroom flooring rather than crossing the threshold into the shower. This can be especially true if the same tile extends up the walls of the shower.

Downsides of Tile

Tile comes with its own set of disadvantages over other flooring types for a bathroom. Tile must be grouted, and grout can stain unevenly over regular use, leading to dark streaks where the grout may have once been white. Additionally, tile can become incredibly slippery when wet, leading to the risk of slipping when stepping out of the tub or shower.

Some tile options can be extremely costly, and that cost can add up quickly if reflooring a larger bathroom. More affordable tile options can be hard to find sometimes, as well as not being as attractive as some pricier choices.

Bathroom Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles or planks offer a realistic wood look with several benefits over real hardwood. Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) vinyl flooring is fully waterproof, easy to install, scratch-resistant, and provides a stunning substitute to natural hardwood. Additionally, we carry SPC, WPC, and ESPC which are also 100% waterproof. Vinyl offers a high-quality wood look that will last for years with very little upkeep or additional effort.

Colors and Finishes

Choose from an assortment of natural wood looks, including warm dark browns, cool ash gray, and medium neutral pines. Give your bathroom a welcoming natural feel with a wide selection of wood-look vinyl styles that offer complete protection from the humidity and moisture of your bathroom.

With such a wide selection of colors and finishes, you’ll have no problem choosing a vinyl plank pattern to complement your bathroom. Choose a vinyl finish that will objectively improve the appearance and style of your bathroom. Open up a smaller bathroom with a lighter floor color, or choose a dark finish that contrasts with your vibrant geometric wall tile.

Installation of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Many options of WPC vinyl flooring offer pre-attached underlayment and click lock  construction for fast installation. It’s now just as easy to install vinyl plank flooring as it is wood laminate, more affordably, and with 100% water resistance, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms.

The ease of installation of vinyl plank flooring may make you want to install it in not just your bathroom, but your whole home. It’s an excellent option for kitchens, living spaces, and even dining rooms. The scratch and stain resistance surface will ensure a beautiful look even after years of family dinners, pet and children playdates, and spills and drops of food and drink in your kitchen.

Concrete Floor Options for the Bathroom

Concrete? In a bathroom? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Residential concrete flooring has advanced in the last 20 years.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring for a Bathroom

Typically an option in garages or sunrooms, sealed concrete can also offer stain and water resistance in wet areas like bathrooms. Concrete comes in an assortment of color options that can fit beautifully into any room of the house with the proper application. Additionally, concrete flooring can cross the threshold into your step-in shower for a continuous flooring option in your bathroom.

Downsides of Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring will require regular touch-ups for sealing to retain its waterproof and easy-clean surface. It also can be challenging to install with a level surface, even for experienced professionals. Additionally, if you already experience back or leg pain from standing on concrete at work all day, standing on it at home won’t do you any favors.

Get Samples and Expert Advice

The flooring experts at Harper Floors want to help you choose your best flooring option for your bathroom. Get free samples of any of our products, like Vito WPC vinyl flooring, on our website. Simply select the product you want to know more about and add a sample of any item to your cart. We ship from directly from our  U.S warehouses to your home within 2 business days.

Our team of experts at Harper Floors is excited to help customers see samples of our flooring options, from hardwood to vinyl and more! Our products are curated to offer you the highest quality selection in our store from the comfort of your own home. Trust our expertise of over 25 years to help you determine the best fit of flooring style with your home and budget.

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For more information about your bathroom flooring ideas, call our toll-free service line at 1-888-807-2704. Or visit our site to get your free flooring samples shipped from our Harper Floors warehouse in El Monte, CA.

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