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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid acacia hardwood floors in a spacious loft apartment in Vancouver, Canada

Solid Hardwood Flooring by Harper Floors

Solid hardwood flooring is made from 100% real wood and easily ranked as one of the most durable flooring types out there. You can choose from a number of exotic species sourced from renewable sources and you have the ability to re-sand, re-finish, and repurpose your floors up several times throughout its lifespan.


More on Solid Hardwood

Looking for a classic and timeless way to update your home? Look no further than solid hardwood flooring! This luxurious flooring option provides elegance and durability that will last for generations.   Our solid hardwood floors are perfect for those who want the classic beauty of wood with the durability to withstand everyday wear and tear. Our solid hardwood floors are milled with tongues and grooves on opposite edges so that the boards interlock when installed.

This gives our floors added stability and prevents movement between boards. Our solid hardwood floors can be re-sanded down and refinished several times over their lifetime, so you can enjoy their beauty and natural graining for years to come. Built to withstand heavy residential traffic, solid hardwood adds value to your home and is a wise investment. Available in a variety of wood species, you're sure to find the perfect match for your décor.

    A few things to consider when choosing solid hardwood floors are its installation process, natural adjustments to changes in your living environment, and susceptibility to moisture. While the installation process for hardwood floors is a step by step procedure, we recommend looking into hiring a professional with experience to ensure proper acclimation and subfloor preparation prior to installation. Hardwood flooring is a natural product and performs best in a stable home environment with consistent temperature (between 60° to 80° F) and humidity levels (between 35% to 60%). Solid hardwood flooring should not be installed in spaces like basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms to avoid moisture risk.

Hardwood flooring was created to accommodate busy lifestyles and withstand years of heavy traffic – naturally resilient and pre-finished with advanced, protective surface finishing. Undoubtedly a worthwhile investment and by adopting a practical care routine – cleaning up spills immediately, sweeping often, cleaning with hardwood specific care products – your floors will endure more than you can imagine and remain stunning for years to come.

Pictured: Acacia Natural Smooth 3 5/8"