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Our Story

As a family owned company, our history in the wood industry tracks more than three generations. We began our flooring journey as a lumber manufacturer before starting our first hardwood flooring company over 25 years ago. We applied our sourcing and manufacturing expertise to bring prefinished, ready-to-install hardwood floors to market and quickly became a trusted distributor, supplying to consumers through traditional channels like door-to-door salesmen, flooring showrooms, and big-box hardware stores. 

Three generations later, we introduced Harper Floors, a flooring company that takes you directly to the source, circumventing traditional distribution channels to create unparalleled brand transparency while maintaining the highest level quality we have always prided ourselves on. Our mission at Harper is to offer a wide variety of beautiful, high quality flooring products without the traditional retail markup, allowing you to design your space and complete your renovation projects efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. 

Explore a highly curated and updated assortment of flooring products, access learning material, order and receive samples in as quickly as two days, and connect with our flooring professionals from the comfort and convenience of your home. With Harper, shopping for flooring is made practical and simple from beginning to end.