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ESPC Vinyl Flooring











A modern bathroom with waterproof vinyl plank floors in Lagos

ESPC Vinyl Flooring by Harper Floors

ESPC vinyl flooring is the newest innovation in vinyl plank flooring technology and stands for Engineered Stone Polymer Composite.

When developing this product, our goal was to enhance existing SPC construction by adding additional comfort and increased resistance to environmental fluctuations. 

More About ESPC Vinyl Flooring

We succeeded by adding an extra layer of luxury vinyl to the rigid core SPC. By fusing these various layers together, we created a flooring that gave us full design flexibility with custom, high definition wood look films and the ability to create a textured surface, while maximizing performance. 

   Engineered Stone PolymerComposite (ESPC) is a premium material that has the advantages of both SPC and LVT.

It retains excellent dimensional stability, is 100% waterproof and rigid like its counterparts; however, it also provides additional comfort underfoot and sound absorption with an extra layer of vinyl and IXPE cushioned backing.

     Our collection of ESPC vinyl flooring comes in a stunning range of shades in 9" wide, 70" long planks, rarely seen in the market. The modern elegance of these extra long planks coupled with ESPC's exceptional performance is something we are so proud of and excited to finally share with you. Be on the lookout for different plank sizes and decors in the future as we continue to grow our selection!

Pictured: Lagos ESPC Vinyl