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 We at Harper Floors service our clients in real time and allow you to browse by category specific floors, including  engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, and luxury vinyl plank floors. If you have something specific in mind,, our site easily allows you to shop floor products by color, shade, gloss level, surface finish, finish detail, thickness, plank width, plank length, hardwood species, manufacturer’s grade, core type, and edge type.

Color, Shade, and Gloss Level

     We offer the most sought after colors in the industry including but not limited to beige, black, brown, gray, and white. If you are looking for a particular shade, we have classified each color  as dark, light, or medium to make colors easier to narrow down . Additionally, gloss level may be a deciding factor for you and we categorize each floor as glossy or matte to make these easy to distinguish. Surface Finish and Finish Detail      Taking it a one step further, you can also search by surface finish and finish detail to learn  the differences between each type. The surface finishes we offer include embossed, embossed in register, hand scraped, smooth and wire brushed. In terms of finish detail, our products are finished with one of the following: UV Lacquer, Urethane, UV Cured Oil, or Aluminum Oxide.

Thickness, Plank Width, and Plank Length

     As you shop floor products, you’ll notice a wide range of plank dimensions on the market. Our product line includes floor products with thicknesses, widths, and lengths above the industry standard.. 

Other Browsing Options

 The more thorough and in depth you are in your search, the better! For example, Having an idea of the species, grade, core type, edge type, etc. will help you narrow down your flooring options, and we make browsing by each one of these details easy and convenient.