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Dark Wood Floors

Dark Wood Floors

Dark Wood Floors by Harper Floors

Looking for a way to add some sophistication and elegance to your home? Consider dark wood floors. With its rich tones and luxurious appearance, dark wood floors can transform any space, from traditional homes to modern apartments, into a showstopper. 


Dark wood floors are a striking and dramatic addition to any home. They can be paired with all sorts of different design elements, often ornate design elements like crown moldings and intricate rugs; depending on your personal style it's easy for you to decide which look best! Recently they've become very popular in ultra-contemporary houses paired with bright colored furniture and neutral walls.

Dark wood floors are best suited for rooms where natural light is ample. When considering dark hardwood for rooms with little to no sun exposure you should consider lighter paint colors and a mirror or accent lighting to help brighten it up if that is important to you. Do not be afraid to pair your dark wood floors with dark colored walls or furniture though as it will create a more luxurious feel overall.

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