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How to Receive an Instant Quote

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To receive an instant online quote for the product of your choice with shipping costs to your home, here is what you need to do:

  1. Search or Navigate to the product of your choice and click on the image to view the product page.
  2. Enter either the square footage amount required or the total number of boxes you require, if you have not calculated for 10% overage for cutting and waste, select the check box for 10% overage to be added to your total inputted amount
  3. Next, scroll down to the button that states "Add to Cart" button and click on it, this will add the number of boxes required for your project to your cart based on your inputted amount
  4. Click on the "Go to Cart" link that appears
  5. On the cart page, review your information and click on the Checkout button
  6. Here you will need to enter your shipping information in order for the shipping rate to be calculated
  7. After you have entered your shipping information, Click on the Continue to Shipping button
  8. On the right hand side of the page your instant quote with shipping costs will be displayed

How to get an Instant Quote Online