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Types of Molding

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There's nothing quite like finished floors that seamlessly transition from one room to the next. Floor moldings provide a polished look to your floors by covering up expansion gaps or transitioning to other flooring types in adjacent rooms. Types of moldings include reducers, end caps, t-moldings, stair noses, and quarter rounds, available in countless styles. 

Reducer Moldings

Reducers are used when transitioning between two floors of different heights. The reducer molding is curved on one side to seamlessly transition between adjacent flooring types, such as from LVP floors in your living room to tile in the bathroom. 


End Cap Molding

End Cap moldings are used to finish a floor against sliding doors, fireplaces, and other exterior door jambs. Similar to reducers, end caps minimize the height difference between two surfaces.


End Cap Molding


T-moldings are used when transitioning between two flooring types that are the same thickness or height. T-moldings allow for a smooth transition between the different rooms or flooring types. T-moldings the most commonly used type of floor moldings.


Stair Nose Molding

A stair nose molding is the transition from your floor to the end of the step on your flight of stairs.  This molding creates a smooth finish between the flooring and the end of the step.

Stair Nose

Quarter Round Molding

Quarter Round moldings are used as a finishing touch between the floor and the baseboards to cover expansion gaps.  These moldings are typically used around cabinets or base of the stairs.

Quarter Round Molding

Baseboard Molding

Baseboards are the finishing touch to give your room a completed look.  This decorative molding allows coverage for the expansion gap as well providing some aesthetically pleasing protection for the wall from damage from shoes or vacuuming.

Baseboard Molding

Moldings provide both a functional and decorative aspect to your flooring project.  No flooring project is complete with out at least one type of molding.  If you have any questions regarding the perfect molding for your project, feel free to contact one of Harper Floors Product Experts and we would be happy to assist you.