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Are Hardwood Floors Good For a Kitchen?

Are Hardwood Floors Good For a Kitchen?

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Hardwood floors are a gorgeous addition to any part of the house, adding a cozy yet classic feel to a room. They can fit with multiple color schemes and interior design choices, meaning they are one of the safest floors to install if you plan to sell your house or like to redecorate every once in a while. They also add value to homes. 

However, hardwood flooring is not well-suited for constantly wet locations, such as the bathroom or a mudroom. So the answer to the question "are hardwood floors good in a kitchen" is yes, with certain features and extra considerations. 

Today, the experts at Harper Flooring present you with the following guide to help you determine if hardwood kitchen floors are the right choice for you and where you can find high-quality flooring products. 

Pros of Using Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

Plenty of Options to Choose From

You can choose from a variety of styles when picking out hardwood floors, such as a wide range of stains, finishes, and types of wood. Some wood is naturally darker, such as walnut, while other types are lighter, such as white oak or hickory. Different types of wood even have an attractive red hue, such as Brazilian cherry. 

The most popular choices for domestic hardwoods are oak, cherry, and maple. You can opt for imported wood, but these cost more than domestic types. If you would rather buy a cheaper hardwood and stain it, this can help you adapt the wood to the style of your kitchen.  

Fits a Lot of Kitchen Design Ideas

Hardwood matches many types of interior design, such as rustic, modern, farmhouse, retro, minimalist, and even Japandi. Because there are so many types of wood and stain options, you can adapt hardwood flooring to your color scheme and needs. 

Durable Options Available

Certain hardwoods are stronger than others, so if you want to find a type of flooring that will last, make sure that you choose strong wood (hickory and white oak are some of the strongest that consumers can buy).

When ordering hardwood, you can also buy unfinished or pre-finished planks. Some pre-finished planks come with a highly-durable sealer coat to increase the resistance of your hardwood floors. If you order unfinished planks, you can easily choose a durable sealant to ensure that your hardwood has ample protection. 

Easy to Clean

When properly installed, hardwood floors are extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is sweep and use a slightly damp mop with hardwood-specific cleaner. There should be no space between boards, and you should ensure that there is sealant covering any exposed wood. 

Cons of Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Cost Considerations 

Hardwood is more expensive than other types of flooring, meaning you need to take your budget into account when investing in this material. 

Water and Moisture-Sensitive 

Hardwood floors cannot handle constant exposure to moisture. Though this shouldn't be a problem in the kitchen, make sure that you install your floors properly, so water does not seep through the cracks. If you spill liquid, clean it up immediately.

Hardwood Flooring Types

At Harper Floors, we offer our customers high-quality hardwood flooring. Whether you are an avid DIYer or installation professional, we can provide you with several flooring options.

Solid Hardwood

You can opt for either solid unfinished or pre-finished hardwood planks. When using unfinished planks, you must install, stain, and seal them at home. These are some of the most durable floorings on the market due to tight seals between boards and the layer of sealant on top. 

Unfinished solid hardwood is perfect for kitchen floors with proper installation. You can also re-sand and refinish them several times, making it an ideal investment if you plan to sell your home one day. 

Workers at the factory grind, stain, and seal pre-finished hardwood planks before they send the planks to customers. They are less durable than properly-installed unfinished planks but still work for a kitchen setting with proper installation. 

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a combination of a plywood base with a thin strip of hardwood adhered to the surface. This type of hardwood is easy to install, making it an ideal option for DIY-ers. Engineered hardwood planks use a click-lock system, so the planks seal together at the edges and require no extra work to attach them to the subfloor. 

Engineered hardwood is a great option for kitchen floors. If properly installed, the planks are mostly waterproof (for some moisture and small spills) and seal off any cracks so that water cannot enter.

Deciding Whether Hardwood Floors Are Best For Your Kitchen

When considering hardwood kitchen flooring, you should reflect on your budget and abilities. If you are a new DIY-er who has never worked with hardwood flooring before, we’d recommend consulting a professional on the installation process. It is essential to install hardwood precisely to ensure limited moisture can leak through under the wood planks. 

If you have ample experience in DIY projects or are a flooring contractor, hardwood flooring is a fantastic option for the kitchen. It adds value to the home, and you don't need to reinstall an entirely new floor if damage occurs. 

If hardwood flooring fits into your budget, you should opt for hardwood kitchen floors. 

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We hope that we answered your question, "are hardwood floors good in a kitchen?" If you are ready to invest in this classic and valuable floor material, check out Harper Floors LLC's high-quality hardwood flooring options.

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