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Is SPC Vinyl Flooring Toxic? Uncovering the Truth

Is SPC Vinyl Flooring Toxic? Uncovering the Truth

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A question we often get asked here at Harper Floors is whether SPC vinyl flooring is toxic. Unsurprisingly, this question has come up for homeowners as the internet is chock-full of conflicting information about this flooring product. Our team knows how to help customers make the best decisions for their homes as far as flooring goes.

We’re here to help you sift through the noise and uncover the truth about SPC vinyl flooring and other common types of flooring. Our goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge and tools to select the best flooring types for their homes. Get a free sample or a quote by calling Harper Floors at 1-888-807-2704 today! 

Read on to learn more about SPC vinyl flooring from Harper Floors

Is SPC Flooring Toxic? 

The simple answer to this question is no. SPC flooring is not toxic because it does not contain formaldehyde or other harmful substances. The question comes up because some flooring types like laminate contain poisonous chemicals that could cause issues in the respiratory system and irritation in the skin and eyes. 
SPC Flooring is non-toxic and safe to use. It is considered a green environmental protection product because of its non-toxic makeup. SPC flooring consists of PVC resin and stone powder, a natural substance. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of SPC Flooring 

Any vinyl flooring comes with pros and cons, and the truth is that the best option for you depends on your home and other variables. We believe in being completely transparent with our customers to thoroughly understand our flooring options to help them make an informed decision. 

SPC flooring has many advantages over other types of vinyl or laminate flooring. Educating yourself about the differences can guide you toward making the best decision for your home. Below, we note some of the benefits of SPC flooring from Harper Floors. 

Advantages of SPC Flooring 

Now that we’ve established that SPC flooring is entirely safe to use in any home or commercial space, let’s go through its many advantages. 

Cost Benefits of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring can visually please while also being cost-effective. These luxury vinyl planks (LVPs) leverage advanced technologies without increased costs to the customer.

Even though SPC flooring is more affordable, its price point comes at no sacrifice of quality. SPC flooring costs range from $3.50 to about $7 per square foot, typically more cost-effective than other flooring options like certain hardwoods.

However, SPC flooring consists of more rigid materials, making it harder underfoot than softer alternatives. 

Durability Benefits of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is an excellent option for kitchen, bathroom, or laundry floors. This vinyl flooring is waterproof throughout so that it won’t stain or mold. The materials used for SPC flooring make it durable, stable, and waterproof, so it’s perfect for areas in your home that are likely to get wet. 

It is also more durable because of its more complex and denser composition. The limestone makeup of SPC flooring makes it highly resistant to warping, stretching, and denting. Harper Floors customers often choose SPC flooring inside their homes and in garages or commercial spaces. 

Design Appeal of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring comes in many different patterns and designs, so you can truly customize it to fit your aesthetic and design preferences. Many customers like to mix different patterns or colors to match the design of their homes. 

SPC flooring can mimic wood and is virtually indistinguishable from a natural wood floor. Vinyl or laminate SPC flooring provides the beauty of a wood floor without the issues and upkeep of a natural hardwood floor. 

Simple Maintenance of SPC Flooring

One significant benefit of SPC flooring for homeowners or business owners is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. SPC flooring is easy to maintain—all it takes is some periodic sweeping and mopping to keep it presentable.

There is no need to wax, seal, or rent an expensive sander to make your floors look new again. SPC flooring combines the ease of laminate flooring with the beauty and character of hardwood flooring.

Each piece of SPC flooring is easily replaceable if damaged, so it’s a simple task to rectify any cosmetic or functional issues. 


Disadvantages of SPC Flooring

Like any product, SPC flooring is more suitable for certain scenarios than others. While providing many great advantages, SPC flooring has a few disadvantages. 

May Require Additional Subfloor Prep

If you’re looking for flooring to install yourself, SPC flooring is may the best option. for some, but for others with homes that require slightly more subfloor preparation, we recommend hiring a professional installer.

For subfloors that are not entirely smooth and free of imperfections, it could cause long-term issues like cracking and buckling. Depending on your particular subfloor, there are a number of ways to ensure your subfloor is entirely prepped, flat, and clean of debris prior to installation. For more information on this, always refer to your manufacturer's installation and pre-installation guidelines.  

Vinyl Flooring from Harper Floors 

Here at Harper Floors, we aim to provide our customers with the best flooring options while making their experience enjoyable, practical, and successful! We guarantee customer satisfaction and quality products with every service. 

Our products feature factory-direct pricing without unnecessary retail markups. Learn more about the types of LVP flooring available at Harper Floors today!

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