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Home renovation is an exciting experience but a daunting task.

We at Harper Floors strongly encourage our clients to order samples and have them delivered directly to their homes or project sites. Once you receive the products we want you to test them to ensure they are the perfect product for your project.  


While coordinating flooring samples with cabinetry and paint is an important process, we encourage our clients to do more and put samples to the test.

Here are a few ways we suggest to test your samples:

Lighting - Your floor will have different look depending on the source of light so we suggest to put samples near the window and take a look at different time of the day and even take a photos to compare.

Lay your floor sample out with the different decor items in your home

Placement of Sample - Floor samples should be always examined while they are down on the floor. This is what we would be looking at once new flooring is installed. Walk on your sample to get the feel of the texture.

Decor - Place your sample against your wall colors, by your furniture, next to your cabinetry to make sure all the color palettes in your home compliment the flooring you choose. 

The best way to test samples is to expose them to what would potentially happen to the floor:

Moisture - Spray water and wipe the samples. Spray water and let it sit on the samples for couple hours. Submerge half of the floor sample in the cup with water to check how long will it take for the sample to start expanding and if the floor will expend in the part that is not submerged in the water.


Stains - Cover the floor samples with juice, coffee, wine, ketchup, mustard or any other food to see how long it will take for the surface to stain.

Dents - Drop keys or any other heavy household item on the sample to see how much force it takes to dent the surface.

Scratches - Drag heavy object across the surface to replicate the furniture being dragged.

At the end, if the sample performance is satisfactory and the color matches your paint, furniture and cabinetry it is the right product for you!