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What is a Floating Floor?

If you have been shopping around for floors, you have probably come across the term "Floating Floor" many times and we are here to explain what it means and what are the advantages.

A floating floor is not a type of floor but an installation method for a floor.  Simply put, a floating floor is a floor type, typically vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood, that connect together and float/rest above the subfloor or substrate.  These type of floors do not adhere to the subfloor and can sometime even be installed over existing floors.

How do floating floors float?

Using a unique click lock system, the floors lock together to create a secure bond that allows the floors to float.  Floating floors are typically comprised of multiple layers of flooring.  The top layer being the aesthetics layer that is the design and pattern of the floor, the core or backing is what gives the floor its stability and houses the locking system 

The locking system is similar to that of the tongue and groove that you see on most solid hardwood floors but with a stronger locking system that eliminates the need to glue or adhesive.

Floating Floor Installation

Advantages of floating floors

There a many advantages of choosing a floating floor over other installation types.  Here are a few of the top reason both homeowners and trade professionals love floating floors

  • Cost Effective - no additional products such as glue or adhesive are needed as well as the cost of installation is cheaper than other installation types
  • Quick and Easy Installation - Floating Floors are usually the go to installation type for DIYers.  The floor quickly snaps together with minimal hassle.  As these floor can be installed over a subfloor or existing floor they is less work to prep the subfloor before installation, reducing the overall time of installation.
  • Install almost Anywhere - Floating floors can typically be installed above, below or on grade making them one of the most versatile flooring options.  Be sure to check the product installation instruction before installation.
  • Maintenance - Accidents happen and floors get damaged, with a floating floor its easy to replace one plank of the flooring without having to take up the whole floor

Floating Floors are a great option for your home or project.  With the wide selection of flooring types and designs you can usually find exactly what you are looking for in a floating floor. 

If you are looking for a floating floor for your home, ask one of our Product Experts to assist on selecting the perfect design and pattern for your home.